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"Serving on a Humankind vision trip was both heartbreaking and eye opening. Seeing the dire need of humans and especially children desperate for clean water, and being a small part of being a big difference was the most rewarding experience of my life."

-Sarah G.


We have clean water projects all over the world, and frequently travel to meet with local teams and leaders. It's a perfect opportunity to inspire vision (ours and theirs) and assist in active, on-going Empowering work.


Our vision trips are life-changing. You'll make real connections with real people whose lives are being impacted simply by having clean water in their community.




Due to COVID-19 all vision trips have been cancelled in 2020 

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Join us and see first-hand

the difference your support is making

We took a team from Valley View to the Dominican Republic this summer and the trip was amazing! It was great to see T. J. and Megan in action, working so well with their partners on the ground. Humankind Water is helping to solve the global water crisis one village at a time!  


- Bruce 

Humankind has been a vital partner for the Cups of Cold Water project in the Dominican Republic. We love partnering with Humankind because their mission supports part of our goal here. By providing healthy drinking water at no cost to many communities, the infection rates and doctor visits/medical cost are greatly reduced. 


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