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Christmas comes early for Humankind Water, but...

Can you imagine receiving the perfect gift only to discover that batteries are not included?

That’s exactly what’s happened to Humankind Water.

A very generous and anonymous donor has given Humankind Water a people powered, well digging, drill that provides needy communities with clean water.

There’s only one problem. Right now this perfect present sits idle. It still needs “batteries”.

During this holiday season, please consider having your family, church, company, or organization give or raise the $3500.00 to get the drill spinning and the water flowing. Every $3500.00 will provide a single well and we hope to fund no less than seven wells before the new year. Any size gift you give will help and is 100% tax deductible.

Give now by visiting our "GUSH" page.

Or you can write a check to Kind Human (the giving arm of Humankind Water), write “Batteries” in the reference section and mail your life giving gift to:

Kind Human c/o Foresight Business Solutions 101 E. 8th Ave, Suite 104 Conshohocken, PA 19428 Attn: Ryan Correia

Seven wells can be dug almost as soon as funds are supplied. These seven wells will provide 70,000 “people years” of water and could help some people just make it to Christmas.

Now that’s a pretty darn close to perfect gift.

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