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Refreshingly simple 

It all starts with water. 

No, it's not magic or holy.

It's just pure, premium spring water. 


So, what's the secret?

When you buy it, 100% of the net profits go directly towards helping other people receive clean drinking water, too.

Our unique line of organic iced teas and lemonades come in five custom-blended flavors that are

perfectly sweet and perfectly balanced. They're made from real fruit. But more importantly,

they make a real difference.



1 bottle = 50 gallons of clean drinking water for people in need

look for us 

tell me how to

Simply delicious

That's our promise,

and Humankind is the only one making it.

1 bottle = clean water for 1 person for 100 days


Sweet TEa

Okay, we admit it, the name is a bit of a misnomer. Don't think southern syrupy, think lightly sweet and chuggable. It's got a perfect hint of lemon and a bold black tea home- brewed flavor that will make you think that it came out of your own kitchen.


peach tea

We know you love peach tea, but you won't realize how many times you've had one with artificial peach flavor until you've tried ours. Made with REAL organic peach mixed right in, you'll wonder where its been all your life. It's a totally different peach tea experience. Heck, you can almost taste the fuzz.


jasmine lime

Boom! We were sick and tired of green tea that was meek and mild, weak and wimpy. Welcome to bold. Welcome to sassy. "Jazz" as we affectionately call her, has a whisper of jasmine, which is subtle, and 8% real lime which ummm, isn't. Wake up your taste buds. She's sure to be your favorite.


strawberry lemonade

Real organic strawberry puree and lemon make this, in our humble opinion, the best dang strawberry lemonade in the whole wide world. Make sure to buy two 'cause  you're not gonna want to share.



Balance is more important to our lemonade than it is to an Olympic gymnast. Ten percent lemon juice is blended with just the right amount of organic cane sugar.


Front porch rocking chair not included.

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